Just One Guy

Just one guy. That’s all it takes. Just one guy leaves and everything changes. Cooks become sous chefs.  Sous chefs move up to chef jobs they would never ask for.  Cooks change stations. Forced to sink or swim. New alliances are made. It’s like being pushed out of an airplane. Only you have five guys trying to hold on to your back instead of one tandem guide. Sometimes like being hit by an 18 wheeler at full speed. Or a soccer ball right to the face–with braces. Take a beating and then get up, clean up and keep going. Do it for the team.

Just one guy can leave a trail of broken hearts. Miles long. Smiles leave the building for a while. Inside jokes are locked away forever. Favorite foods never to be shared again. For once…. the music is off.

Just one guy leaves and we are all reminded of how close we are. How connected we become in the kitchen. We are family. Love em, like em or really hate em–just like family you never really say goodbye. Bloody and tight like soldiers. We never think about leaving each other. Unless we get blown to bits.  Self combust. Decide wisely to change careers. Or family is missed so bad that we just have to go.

Just one guy leaving can make you believe in ghosts.  Their laugh blows through the front doors with you.  Their dents still in the saute pans.  Sometimes you swear you can smell them (gross I know).  Even see them. Just a glimpse of their apron fluttering around the corner in front of you. Late on inventory night, if you really listen, you can hear their jokes in the back of your mind. Like a phantom limb, they leave an ache that reminds you of who you are. How strong you are. It holds you up on your worst days. The good one’s… the mean one’s …even the really sweet ones– never ever leave. 

So one guy leaves and life changes.  But one thing stays the same….living the dream baby.  Still living the dream.


~ by abmccune on May 20, 2011.

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