#1 Lily


The reason for everything I do. Lily

I won’t stop cooking because it is what I love. It’s what I’ve pushed to get good at. Even though it’s insanely hard work I wouldn’t curse on my worst enemy :), I still love it. Being a chef is a challenge and a huge mental commitment everyday. Its not the kind of job you can check out of when you are home. Food has a way of sticking to you in more ways that one. It is a lifestyle. A choice that can really impact your family. I’m lucky to have Lily and Casey behind me every step of the way.

Literally torn from my body with a suction cup to the head after two days of labor, Lily has always had her own way of doing things.  Unable to sleep without having her head on my shoulder till she was like 5….she has taught me that I have NO CONTROL.  Unable to breast feed or eat either, she taught me to have faith.  Faith in her. I can’t make someone eat, sleep, poop or be happy.  And lately I can’t force someone to BRUSH HER HAIR!!!  She has taught me, by force, to chill.  Hard lesson. There is so much to say about Lily.  She has humbled me more than any restaurant experience. She has made me a much better person.

I continue to chef because I want to teach my daughter what Michel Richard taught me. Be tough in the midst of a battle. Never give up. Work hard. Get your balls on and don’t fear. You will always make it. I want to teach her the lessons I have learned so far–take care of your body and your mind, build friendships, work hard but play hard too, shoot for balance,  love hard and fiercly “all the way through”.  Take risks because they can pay off big time.  Push past fear.  Believe.  Lay it on the line.

I want her to follow her gut as I have. Follow her passionate road. Not the safe one. Take time (sometimes years) to figure things out….but don’t quit on yourself. Ever. I want her to be as proud of me as I am of her. Actually (her favorite word), I know she is proud of me because she tells me so and that is all I need to fight another day.


~ by abmccune on June 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “#1 Lily”

  1. Such a beautiful photo of the Lily girl!! Love reading your words and I think you should write a book!! Love to you and the fam…

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