#4 Matts’

#4 Matts’

If ever a restaurant could heal–it would be Matts’. Some hard realities hit me during my first years in this kitchen. I lost both my parents, I lost an old friend to breast cancer, I battled my alcoholism. It was a really hard time–sleep deprived, foggy with antidepressants and learning how to mother an actual baby–whoa. Never once did anyone push me or kick me when I was down. Looking back I believe I was a glassy-eyed drooler just going thru the motions on most days. Everyone just took care of me with laughter and loads of grinding production. A real comfort. I remember when I got back from my parents deaths….standing in the walk-in Chris, the chef owner, put his hand on my shoulder and simply asked “you ok?” My reply “yup” staring intently at the parsley as the tears welled up in my eyes. He said “good, I’m glad you are back”. These guys held my job open for me for an entire summer while I cared for my Mom. They let me bail out in a moments notice (many times) hop on planes–not knowing when I’d return. Or what kind of shape I’d be in. I always knew my job would be there.

My Dads death just three months before Moms caused more absence and heartache. They knew how bad this was going to be for me. A simple “you ok?” was it and that was all I could take. Chris knew that. The crew knew that and it was not ever mentioned again. Thank goodness. Orphaned and on the edge, this kitchen pulled me back to safety. I beat alcohol into the closet, traded in antidepressants for exercise and feel somewhat together now. Somewhat. Still a scatterbrained ADHD poster child. But happy with my imperfect self.

Without the kindness at Matts’ I’d be unemployed or wasting away in a retirement home kitchen or worse – a country club! Miserable. My closest friends Miguel, Cathy and Heather all from Matts’–make my life so rich with laughter and unconditional love. I’m so lucky.


~ by abmccune on May 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “#4 Matts’”

  1. Well, this one made me cry too! If what you hinted at today is true the next one should send me over the edge! I love you Abby!

  2. Beautifully said. I always try to explain what kind of a place Matts’ is but I couldn’t have come close to this.

    You are a great example Abby, what a lucky daughter you have! Thanks for sharing.

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