#9 Food Dominates My Memories

In fact, all my big memories have food attached.  As hard as I try, my thoughts ramble on something like this:

Rocky Hill, New Jersey = Tasty Cakes–the jam filled ones

Grandma= crunching on Grape Nuts cereal at the breakfast table, getting slapped for drinking apple juice in the “wrong room”

Grandad= peanut butter on a spoon

Sherman Oaks Elementary School= the cinnamon toast we purchased from the snack line at the back of the cafeteria

Valley Meadow Road= marinated and bbq’d chateau briand, corn and tomatoes from Maria’s Corn Stand

First Love= Vegetarian Pizza (did I mention he was a nerd?) picked up from Stromboli and eaten on the floor in his room, nude, by candle light, super stoned.  Now, the rule was there was no touching until we ate the whole pie.  No problem….it was really good pizza.

Mom= curry rice salad with toasted slivered almonds, chicken salad with grapes and cantaloupe with salt

Dad= mayo, butter, frenching green beans while watching football, Hollandaise, beets from a can, and Hershey’s syrup poured over vanilla ice cream

Baby Sitting= stealing delicious spoonfuls of dill laden tuna salad from the frig after the neighbor kids went to sleep.  I remember looking at their dog and going “what? it’s good!”

High School Years= The Weiner Factory and the red cabbage and cheese dog or chili cheese and onion. Incredible.

So, you get the idea.  It is a long, long list that I’m sure would only interest me so I’ll stop here.  I know I’m basically insane.  What is really crazy is I have the ability to taste all of these things as I remember them.  Love that part.


~ by abmccune on May 6, 2010.

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